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Life Insurance – Simplified life insurance policies are available for your individual needs. There are two general categories – Temporary (Term) or Permanent (Whole Life and Universal Life)

Term Insurance – Life insurance that provides coverage at a fixed rate for a limited time. Most commonly used while securing a mortgage on a home and other debts and obligations. Not sure how much coverage you need? Click the following link to use our calculator!

Whole Life and Universal Life – Provides permanent coverage with an investment vehicle tied in, so your life insurance policy grows and builds tax-deferred assets, which you can use later!

Critical Illness and Disability Insurance – Ever wondered how you would earn an income if you were to fall sick or become disabled? These two products help to protect your income, even if you can’t work due to a terminal illness or disability.

Covered for this through work? Most work plans expire after two years on disability. Comparatively, we have plans which cover you till the age of 65.

Investments – A wide array of segregated funds, most of which provide a 75% maturity guarantee after 10 years. Are your TFSA and RRSP’s maxed out? This may be the tax differed solution you’re looking for.

Other available products – Family Health and Dental, Travel and Visitor to Canada Insurance

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Simply Life Inc. is an individually owned corporation, serving the Ontario region for their life insurance needs. Our passion is to provide a simplistic, yet wholistic approach to protecting your loved ones or your business.

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