Group Health and Dental Plans – Customizable health, dental and extended coverage plans available for business owners and employees. Want to retain employee’s? This is most probably the easiest way. Not to mention the tax advantages for the business. It’s a win-win.

Key Person Insurance – Does your business solely rely on an individual who is responsible for a majority of the income? What would happen to your business if this person was to become sick or disabled and couldn’t work? How much revenue would that cost till you found a replacement? Key Person Insurance is the solution. It provides coverage in this instance, so you can still manage your business expenses while your rainmaker is recovering.

Buy-Sell Coverage – In a partnership? Does your shareholder agreement specify your buy-sell arrangement? This coverage pays out the remaining shares of a deceased partner at a pre-determined price. Please note, we only provide buy-sell coverage as directed by your legal counsel, per your shareholder agreement.

Business Overhead Expense –Covers the fixed operating expenses of the business, if the owner was to become disabled and can’t carry out the duties of his occupation.

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Simply Life Inc. is an individually owned corporation, serving the Ontario region for their life insurance needs. Our passion is to provide a simplistic, yet wholistic approach to protecting your loved ones or your business.

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